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About Canada Engineering Services
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Canada Engineering Services Inc. provide Technical audits including:

An outline of the major areas of expertise the company has to offer is as follows:

  • Inspection and condition surveys for parking garage structures, reinforced concrete balconies, and building envelope systems.
  • Evaluation of bearing capacities of footing, caissons and piles.
  • Quality Control of Aggregates.
  • Soil & Asphalt Compaction Control.
  • Concrete Slump, Air & Lock Tests.
  • Concrete and Asphalt Mix Designs.
  • Investigation and Remediation of Cracks in Concrete Structures
  • Asphaltic Concrete Marshall Bulk Density, Asphalt Content, Flow,Air Voids, Stability & Aggregates Gradation Determinations.
  • Mortar, Concrete Blocks & Bricks; Absorption & Freeze Thaw Analyses.
  • Structural Inspections.
  • Weeping Tile, Waterproofing, Vapour Barrier and Flashing Inspections.
  • Inspection and Monitoring of Contaminated Site Cleanups.